NFT Collection

NFT Collection

Own a piece of cinematic history by buying an NFT from the very first EFM (every frame minted) film.


The Rideshare Killer, starring Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4) is a horror/thriller feature film that explores some of the potential risks of using ridesharing services. Log line: The female CEO of a new ridesharing app must stop a serial killer who's using the app to lure victims into his car, before he destroys the company and kills her entire technology team. You can find The Ridesahre Killer on IMDb here:


Every Frame Minted (EFM) means literally that every single frame from the feature film, The Rideshare Killer, has been minted into an NFT for fans to collect and enjoy. It’s an 83 minute film shot at 24 frames per second, so there are nearly 120,000 individual NFTs. Each NFT is a unique frame from the feature film and will only be offered once as a true 1-of-1 NFT.


While many other art forms have seen widespread adoption of NFTs, films are still very much underutilizing this new technology. We believe that minting every frame of a film into an NFT offers artists and collectors a unique opportunity.


As an example, imagine if Disney turned the latest Star Wars film into an EFM film.


The fan interest to own a 1-of-1 frame from a new Star Wars film would be astronomical. It would be an utterly unique opportunity for fans to be a part of the film and its legacy. Fans and collectors would clamor to sort through the vast number of frames and decide for themselves which frames are the ones that should be coveted. And it’s an opportunity for fans to own a collectible that could rise in value as interest in the film grows. And obviously for Disney the potential revenue is in the hundreds of millions of dollars as these films tend to have in excess of 200K+ individual frames, not to mention the recurring revenue from the smart contract and future sales of the NFTs.


But NFTs offer an opportunity to smaller filmmakers as well. Fans can directly support filmmakers by buying NFTs from films that they enjoy. If interest in the film and/or the filmmaker’s career continues to escalate, the potential value of the NFTs go up as well, allowing the original fan to benefit by owning a collectible that appreciates in value.


We feel The Rideshare Killer offers all of these benefits to fans but also The Rideshare Killer is the very first film to ever be an EFM film. If other films find success as EFMs, The Rideshare Killer’s NFTs will have additional historical importance as being the first.


If you would like to learn more or purchase an NFT from The Rideshare Killer, please use the links below. Due to a number of technical limitations we had to mint the NFTs into two different collections (and a third collection of missed frames), so the first half of the film is collection one and the second half of the film is in the second collection.


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